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Annandale Village Pharmacy is family owned and run and has been a pharmacy for over 90 years.

At Annandale Village Pharmacy we offer a full service chemist with pharmacists and staff who will always take the time to answer your questions and address all your health concerns. We strive to always provide top quality professional advice to you, and offer a full range of services.

The owner and staff of the pharmacy live locally and are here to address the needs of local residents.


Monday to Saturday 8.30am – 6pm • Sunday & Public Holidays Closed

  • NDSS Scheme (diabetes care)
  • Webster-pak
  • Consultations with our pharmacists
  • Health screening services & health prevention
  • E-script & Med-adviser mobile device enhanced script ordering
  • Paediatric asthma education
  • Medscheks & diabetes medscheks
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Diabetes and stroke health promotions
  • COPD screening
  • FIT BioCeuticals & nutrition care practitioner ranges
  • Health supplements
  • Organic and natural products
  • Wide range of gift cards & wrap
  • Breast pump hire
  • Passport photos

Annandale Pharmacy is a teaching pharmacy for pharmacy students of Sydney University and we also have affiliation with UTS pharmacy.

We participate in trials for Sydney University and keep our knowledge and skills up to date.

Appointments can be made to speak to the pharmacist on a one-to-one basis to discuss any of your concerns and we can liaise with other health professionals so that you are receiving complete health care.

Keep track of your medications with the medAdvisor App for Android and iPhone/iPad. Ask us about medAdvisor at Annandale Pharmacy.